I am starting to realize some of the fundamental design decisions that I made early on in creating my website aren’t
scalable (some of which can be solved with 11ty plugins). Now I’m trying to decide if I want to write my SSG in
Swift—crazy, right?—or start from scratch with 11ty. Why do I love to start from scratch so much?

It’s funny how every time I try and redesign my website, I get swamped near the end, and then kind of all falls apart.
I’m thinking about stripping it down again to the bare minimum; Removing the design, and just focusing on the text once

Full into the “making it simpler by making it more complicated” phase.

I am starting a new SvelteKit project this morning. I’ve always loved the ergonomics in this ecosystem.

Tehlu, help me. I’m already a bit unhappy with the design of my website. I am thinking about simplifying it a lot to
focus on content. Isn’t that out I started?

The last seven or so days were the week of weeks, but I’m definitely optimistic about starting this next one with good news coming from my mom.

Big day. My mom goes in for brain surgery this afternoon. I’m choosing to assume that everything will be fine. That’s okay, right?

I was told that 2021 would not be worse than 2020.

I’ve bought way too many domains lately. There is no way I’m going to be able to get to all of these ideas.

I love getting out for a quiet walk when the rest of the world thinks its too early or cold to leave the house.

I expected that I would have a lot of time to write during my break here at the end of the year, but that’s not really
been the case. Not been in the right headspace for that kind of, though.

Decided to take the morning off from hacking on my website to hash out some app UI ideas that have been knocking around
in my head over the break.

Early morning hat-tip to my neighbor, who is also up ridiculously early.

I spent a big chunk of the day yesterday sketching and doodling, which I used to do many but can’t ever seem to find the
time to do these days.

Taking a break from working on my website for the evening, even though its in a half-weird state.

At least for this morning, I’m feeling pretty good about how this design is all coming together.

My awake time has been shifting earlier and earlier lately. It’s not a big deal during the pandemic since I can’t go out and see friends, but being wide awake at 4 am doesn’t seem very normal.

It’s been fun waking up each morning and making tiny little improvements to something. My day job requires me to continually think about the big picture, which I do like, but it’s nice just to get into code and hack on one problem for a short time.

I woke up early to mess around using faasd as a way to add Webmentions to my website. I’m having a lot of fun in this plumbing phase, but I’m also looking forward to getting back to design.

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