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After a off-day yesterday it felt good to get up early and hack on some stuff.

After all of these years, I'm still excited to be playing Minecraft with a friend this evening.

Instead of playing video games this evening I'm choosing to dig into OrbitDB, how it works, and how I might be able to use it.

I've been thinking about using some of the ideas that I had when I was working on Theodore in a dApp. Been exploring OrbitDB and GunDB to see which would fit my needs.

Made a simple update to my website yesterday: It's not much, but its a base to build on top of. I've been trying to simplify things and make small, incremental changes to start a habit of getting something in front of people more frequently.

I've been realizing that I've had way too ambitious plans with my personal website and I think I'm going to tone it down for a while until I can really make it want I want to be.

I've been getting the itch to build something in Elixir again.

I took a break from tech over the holidays and it felt good.

I have been sleeping better lately until last night. It took me roughly two hours to finally fall asleep and then I still got up early. I used to be able to handle six hours of sleep no problem but now I'm old.

Another snow day. How am I supposed to get anything done?

This forgetful and unorganized person still really misses being able to grab a pair of headphones while headed out the door in a rush and know that they will plug it into whatever I have with me.

I always enjoy these weekends where the majority of my time is spent in the kitchen.

I've been running Fedora since this summer and I still haven't been able to find a way to collect and organize my photos in a way that makes sense. Everything I've messed with is overly simplistic or geared 100% geared toward professions. I'm just a dad that knows a little bit and wants to make this family photos look nice.

An early morning nod from my neighbor on my commute across the backyard to the camper.

I've been watching some old videos on IndieWeb today and I've been getting really inspired to get my website in a better place.

Was out with a friend until the late, late hour of 10:30pm and now I'm a wreck this morning. Getting old is great!

I awoke early to work on my personal website but ended up getting bogged down with trivial tech stuff which has me rethinking how complicated I've managed to make things for myself.

I spent most of my day yesterday redoing some networking only to realize this morning that I must have gotten a few of my wires. This sounds like a metaphor but it is not.

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